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Think Backlinks offers a specially curated database of high-authority backlinks designed to improve website SEO. Used correctly this database will help any website climb up the search engine rankings, with the minimum of wasted time and effort. It’s as simple as that.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - the ability to have your target website featuring high in the search engines - has become the new holy grail for business in the digital age, and millions of pounds are spent daily by companies across the globe on trying to achieve it.

Why? Because businesses know the higher their website features on Google, or any other search engine,  the greater the interest, the leads, the sales and the revenue.  It’s no exaggeration to say that featuring a few pages higher in the rankings can turbo-charge a business.

Think Backlinks offers a cost-effective and simple way to make good SEO happen. We build a high-authority backlinks list and we use our SEO backlinks builder submission tool to utilise it. The solution gathers websites you can add backlinks too and the backlinks are catalogued into articles, blogs and backlink sites. Each domain listed in the solution will have a direct link to the submission page and each website has been ranked into authority with Moz Sub Domain Rank, Alexa Rank, Moz Domain Authority, with our users giving a star rating on the submission.

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Database of Backlinks

We don’t want to brag… but if you’re looking for backlinks for your business, you’ve come to the right place! We store 100’s of backlink websites that you can add your business website too. You can also add your own backlinks to the solution to find out whether the links are high ranking or poor quality, you can rate the backlink, archive backlinks and find out if the domain is active or closed. You can tag websites into areas such as motorcars, homes, holidays etc.

All domains names listed in the backlinks database are catalogued into Name, submission URL, type, free or paid submission, Moz Sub Domain Rank, Moz Domain Authority, Alexa Rank and our users ranking each site with a star rating out of five.

Take a look at our backlinks database

database of backlinks

What actually ARE backlinks?

Backlinks are an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. In order to improve your website’s visibility, you need to find relevant websites which relate to your business. These websites also need to be high quality - something which will help you with your organic search results. This is what Think Backlinks can help you with, as it stores them all in one place, saving you the time-consuming legwork.

Our Quality Backlinks Service

  • Build a high authority backlinks list
  • Use our SEO backlinks builder
  • Take advantage of our innovative backlinks software