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Hello and welcome to our website!

We are Backlinks Ltd and our company does exactly what it says on the tin – it provides an online SEO solution revolving around backlinks which will propel your website up the search engines. The higher up the search engines you are, the greater your business visibility and the greater your business visibility, the greater your chances of generating more leads and sales along the way.

Started and developed by two friends in the North East of England, Think Backlinks offers a simple but incredibly effective way of submitting backlinks and it is backlinks which are the key to your website rising up the search engine rankings. This is the first of several online tools within the web design and SEO market which we will be launching over the next few months. And below are a few basic details on our small but perfectly formed team. We look forward to hearing from you and the chance to explain exactly how Think Backlinks can help your business.


Nick - Managing Director


Managing Director

I’m now the old kid on the computer block but I bring to the table a design skill for both paper and web and have years of experience in successful web development.

Andy - Software Development


Software Development

Creator of effective and intuitive software which enables your business to run better and stay more connected. I’m a blue sky thinker providing practical SEO solutions.

Jack - Junior Developer


Junior Developer

Hi, I’m a junior developer in .NET, bringing Think Backlinks to life. Think of me as the worker-drone delivering the buzz to your business. I help make your SEO magic happen!

Sally - Admin



I’m in charge of the day-to-day running and managing of Think Backlinks - someone has to do the real-life legwork for the creatives! Frankly, they’d starve otherwise.